Monday 12 March 2018


This post is sponsored by Olay, but all opinions are my own.

Skincare is the key to any flawless makeup routine! As many of you know I am skincare enthusiast and I stress to everyone the importance of healthy skin. For those who have followed my skincare journey know I have a very strict routine however, when it comes to products I am always willing to try new things. 

At the moment I'm really loving the Olay Luminous Whips Moisturizer it's my go-to moisturizer every morning and before I apply makeup. It doesn't feel sticky or tacky and most importantly it keeps my face hydrated without the greasy look. I have very dry skin in the colder months but with a full face of makeup I can usually end up looking like a grease ball at the end of the day if I don't use the right moisturizer. That's a no-no! So I am super excited to have found this gem it makes makeup days easier. Immediately after applying, my skin feels smooth; like I've just applied a primer and because of the unique formula it leaves my skin dewy, not oily throughout the day. Not to mention, it contains Pearl Optics so it gives me that radiant glow that I am absolutely crazy about! I get so many comments and questions about my glowy, radiant skin and I have to say this product is a new staple to achieve that look! 

I have been using Olay Luminous Whips for the past 2 weeks and my skin is in love! After cleansing I dab 4 nickle sized spots on my face and gently rub it in. Like every product, consistency is key but as of right now the Luminous Whips is a new favourite for these reasons:

  1. smoother, softer skin
  2. hydrating + lightweight
  3. gives a natural glow
  4. not sticky, tacky or greasy!

Depending on your skin, or what you're specifically looking for in a moisturizer, there's an Olay Whip moisturizer for you!

Olay Regenerist Whip
delivers a rush of hydration for visibly smoother skin and a rejuvenated complexion

Olay Total Effects Whip
the ultimate 7-in-1 multitaskers for brighter, healthier skin

Olay Luminous Whip
evens skin tone, and illuminates the skin from within

TAKE YOUR PICK! Get your own here
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Tuesday 23 January 2018

90's Chic

My first post of 2018...can you believe it!? I thought I'd start it off right by slaying this 80's/90's look. If I was to describe my style I would definitely call it sporty-chic with an obvious influence of the late 80's early 90's. I'm really trying to step up my instagram feed this year with regular posts and I really want to showcase my style. For so long I struggled with who I was, what I liked especially in the fashion department so this year I'm really trying to represent me and all the girls who have similar styles. That is honestly a topic I should talk about on its gets deep so hopefully I can do that in the near future. Anyway, I decided to wear this fit to a NYX beauty event that took place in Toronto, it was a super chill vibe so I thought the outfit was appropriate.  


Teddy Jacket: Choies - Mom Jeans: Thrifted - Booties: PrettyLittleThing - Bodysuit: Boohoo - Necklaces: Were Gifts

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