Monday 6 February 2017

All Pink Everything

Finally, my second post! I really need to find me someone to take my pictures lol. Nonetheless, bae and I went out this past Sunday to an outlet somewhere in Austin, Texas for a day of shopping. I personally didn't buy anything because I'm trying to save more money and spend on other things that I think are more important; like travelling! I plan to go all over the world this year... GOALS! Anyway, I honestly can't remember the name of the outlet we went too but it was pretty nice. I decided to dress comfortable, casual but chic because that is my style. PINK is definitely not my favourite color and not a color I gravitate toward but I loved how soft and neutral these shades were. Together I thought it looked pretty dope and I'm really loving monochromatic looks these days!


Top: Sirens   -  Joggers: Forever 21  -  Shoes: NIKE Huaraches   -  Bag: Aldo Shoes

So I posted this picture on Instagram and I had a few people mention where my butt (ass) came from. Literally, I woke up like this lol. I haven't been working out and there's nothing artificial about it. I guess it's just angles hunny! Trying to work with what the man above created for me lol. 

For these shoes right here, the NIKE Huaraches you have to make sure to size up a full size. They are pretty tight on the feet and will be uncomfortable if you try to get your true size. Other than that I LOVE these shoes and own about 4 pair.  



  1. Those rose gold huaraches sell fast! Or my area in the US is slacking bc I couldn't find those anywhere! Lol. They're fire though.

  2. Gorgeous outfit Neicey, looking gorgeous as always

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  4. You look gorgeous in pink. Love your hair *hair goals*!!!

  5. Loving your blogs ❤️ Keep it up

  6. Now I know where to go on the days you don't post vlogs lol. I watch your beingneiicey as if it were a tv show, always checking if there's a new episode��Been here since 2014 and still loving it��

  7. I love this blog post! Not many people would be able to pull off that color all over, but you did! I'm amazed!

  8. Very cute pink outfits I like all the rosy, rose golds and the peachy pinks! The color pink has come a long way! Cprincessjoy xoxo's! Beautiful images Neiicey! 👏🌸💕👍

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  10. Loving this outfit! Pink on pink on pink. This colour goes well with your complexion.

  11. I would love to see the details like you did for Africa of your Bali trip. I would love the name of where you and your sister stayed.

  12. I love pink!
    You look beautiful, stylish, comfortable and attractive wearing the pink Sirens mock tuertleneck top paired with the pink Forever 21 jogging pants!
    Your hair, eye-makeup and lipstick all look perfect.
    I love the look.

    I also LOVE your Sept. 7, 2020 video titled HUGE PRETTY LITTLE THING TRY ON HAUL + STYLING MY OUTFITS! | NaturalNeiicey - YouTube
    You look fabulous modelling all of the different outfits.
    My two favourite looks out of the 11 outfits are outfit # 6 - the pink Stone Binding Detail BodyCon Mini-Dress and outfit #9, the Stone Maxi Dress.
    You look absolutely AMAZING modelling all of these fashions!

    My blog: Full Brief Panties
    My YouTube: misterpantybuns Channel
    My Twitter: @Panty_Buns

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